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How to Keep Your Lego Blocks Tidy and Organized

Charm of LEGO

Lego is a famous toy favored by children all over the world, regardless of gender or age. Some adults even make a hobby of creating art with LEGO. What is the reason why LEGO is supported by people of all ages? Let us explain the appeal of LEGO.

Blocks that draw out children’s creativity

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LEGO is a toy in which many blocks are combined to create a three-dimensional object. The easy-to-understand assembly instructions are included, so even children playing with Lego for the first time can make a great work of art by watching and imitating.

There are various types of blocks, including long, thin ones and ones that resemble cubes. They come in a wide variety of colors, so depending on the combination, a wide range of expressions are possible, from vehicles to plants and animals.

 As you get used to it, you enjoy creating your own master workings by arranging the colours and shapes you combine, or by recreating what you have drawn in your mind.

One of the charms of LEGO is that if you don’t care it, you can take it apart and start over again as many multiplication as you like. Children’s creativity will be improved as they play through tribulation and error.

A wide variety of serial allows for long-lasting play

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LEGO offers a wide variety of series so that children can play with LEGO products reported to their ages.

LEGO DUPLO” is a series that consists only if of larger blocks that are safe from unintended consumption and can be played with from the get on of 1.5 years, making it ideal for children’s first experience with edifice blocks. Close to LEGO DUPLO blocks can be combined with regular-sized LEGO, so they can be secondhand even when children sustain older.

For children from 4 to 7 years old, we recommend “LEGO Junior,” whose parts are soft to attach and detach. It is the Same size as regular LEGO bricks, but the animals, vehicles, etc. are slightly complete, so there is no need to set up them from scratch. Even children who are not good at detailed work on can easily make their own works.

Of course, they are also well-matched with regular LEGO and tin be used even when they are older.

After the age of 7, when children become more dexterous with their hands, they can move on to “LEGO Classic”. In addition to sets containing basic blocks, there are a wide variety show of sets that allow you to build cars and airplanes, build houses, and verbalize the world of nonclassical cartoons, so you can play with them for a long clock without getting bored.

Two main types of Lego storage

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There are two main types of storage methods for LEGO. One is to put away all the parts together, and the unusual is to store them separately by distort or shape.

It is easier to choose storage items if you first decide which method acting is more suitable for you. Let’s submit a undefined look at the characteristics of each.

Collective storage” is the easiest way to lay out things away

Even modest children can easily tidy up in “bulk storage,” in which all parts are set in big boxes or baskets. Simply prepare a boastfully storage case with a wide opening and place the pieces in it when they are through playing.

Once the lid is on, you can’t find what’s inside, so there’s no need to neatly stage the pieces. Also, you can put in the pieces you are just about to make without pickings them apart, so you don’t have to disappoint your child.

Sorting storage” makes it soft to witness parts

The big advantage of sorted storehouse is that it makes it easier to find parts, which in sprain makes it easier to create. The more Lego set you have, the more difficult it becomes to find the desired parts.

In the undefined of grouped storage, it takes a clock to witness parts, which may discourage children’s creativity. With sorted storage, however, you can easily find the parts by placing them in transparent containers that allow you to see the colors from the outside, or in drawers that allow you to look over the parts.

However, children may not like having to take their creations apart when putting them away. It may take time and the sorting process may become tedious, and you may not be able to finish putting them away.

It is necessary to prepare a separate box for storing the pieces together or to create a temporary storage space for the pieces.

Points to consider when choosing storage items

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Storage of toys, not just LEGO, needs to be considered from the child’s point of view. No matter how good the parents think it is, it is meaningless if it is difficult for the child to use.

On the other hand, if you prepare storage items that are compatible with children, there is a possibility that they will willingly put them away. Let’s take a look at how to choose storage items that will make both playing with LEGO and cleaning up fun.

Age and personality of the child

The basic idea is to decide on a storage method based on the age of the child. It is difficult for small children to sort and store their toys in detail, so start with group storage to get them into the habit of “putting things away. It is sufficient to prepare a special box for LEGO so that it does not get mixed up with other toys.How to Keep Your Lego Blocks Tidy and Organized插图4

Children 4 years old and older will gradually become better at tidying up. Some children will enjoy sorting toys by the same color or shape. As you watch, try sorting and storing items accordingly.

However, there is no need to force your child to sort if he or she does not want to. Some children are meticulous and want to sort things properly, while others are rough around the edges and don’t care. It is up to the child to play, so it is important to create an environment that is easy for him or her to play in.

Quantity and size of Lego blocks

When purchasing storage items, check the quantity and size of the blocks. If you have a lot of colors, put them in a large box, and if you only have a few colors, put them in a small box, and so on.

Also, since Lego can be played with for a long time, there is a possibility that the storage case you have prepared will no longer fit as you buy more. If you plan to buy more Lego, it is a good idea to prepare a storage item that is one size larger.

Other products include sets of dolls, food, and other props, so there may be cases where sorting may be difficult. If you consider sorting storage, prepare spare drawers or boxes.

To hide or to show?

LEGO bricks come in a variety of colors, so simply placing them in a transparent storage case can accentuate the interior.

Another advantage is that it is easy for children to take out the color they want to use. If you can display the finished products or works in progress on the top of the storage case, it will also encourage creativity.

On the other hand, if you have too many blocks to sort or no space to display them, hidden storage is the right choice. If you put them in stylish boxes or baskets, you can leave them in the living room and not worry about them being visible. You can even put the entire storage case in a closet to make more room.

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