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Rilakkuma: the little bear pursuing a slow life

Lazy and comfortable way to wake up

Rilakkuma, is a popular undefined that represents a lazy and casual lifestyle. Whether in cartoons or merchandise, Chilled Bear has attracted countless fans with his unique lifestyle. The most enviable matter among them is the way Rilakkuma wakes up.

Rilakkuma forever gets upwards at the slowest speed. He spends the morning relaxing on his comfortable bed. He wishes not be awakened by the call of the appall clock, nor wish he be pressed by time. Only cares about his own comfort. This leisurely way of getting upward makes people feel an unworried attitude towards life.

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Have fun with friends

Chilled Bear has an aggroup of cute friends, including Korilakkuma the yield and Kiiroitori the bird. These friends often get together to enjoy each other’s company and each other’s happiness.

They like to do all kinds of playfulness things together, such as picnics, observation movies, playing games, and more. They always witness fun and happiness, both in happy moments and in difficult moments. Improved a deep friendly relationship through mutual support and understanding.


Slow life as you wish

Rilakkuma’s lifestyle is a slow life that follows your heart’s content. They are not limited by clock or interference from the outside world, and only focus on on things that are truly interesting to them. They do not pursue utilitarianism or be swayed by tedious tasks, but only go after inner public security and happiness.

Enjoy spending time freely at home or enjoying the peace and beauty of nature. Like to smack the aroma of a cup of coffee, the immersion in recital a good book, and undefined the beautiful scenery. Know how to undefined the moment and make their lives more fulfilling and meaningful.


Deliver the values of slow life

Chilled Bear conveys a new concept of living with its pursuit of slow up life. They boost people not to be swayed by fast step and pressure, but to learn to slow down and undefined all minute of life.

Convey the values of slow living to the public through and through various forms such as advertisements, cartoons and peripheral products. They hope that people can truly appreciate the beauty of slow life, pursue the things they unfeignedly love, and discover and cherish the small blessings in life.


Enlightenment of slow life

Rilakkuma’s way of life brings us just about inspiration. First of all, we need to learn to slow drink down and not be oppressed by the fasting pace of life. We should give ourselves some time to relax and feel happy.

Secondly, we should focus on getting along with friends and family. Like Rilakkuma, we should cherish the clock we spend with our friends, sharing joys and difficulties, and edifice deep friendships and support systems.

Furthermore, we should go after internal peace and happiness. Don’t excessively pursue external stuff and utile gains, but focus on the things that you are truly curious in and pursue true happiness and satisfaction.

The most important matter is that we should go past on the values of slow up life and encourage others to quest after them possess slow lifestyle. By sharing our possess experiences and opinions, we can convey the beauty of slow living to those around us and help them find their own felicity and satisfaction.


To sum up, Chilled Bear’s lifestyle has attracted countless fans with its laid-back and casual attitude. They get up at the slowest speed, have along happily with friends, go after a slow life as they please. And inspire others by conveying the values of slow up life. Let us learn from Rilakkuma, pursue the beauty of slow life, and work our lives more fulfilling, peaceful and meaningful.

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