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Discover Different Types of Toy Guns for Kids

Toy guns have been a favorite toy of children for generations. Everyone has dreamed of fighting bad guys with a gun and saving the world like a righteous police officer. As technology has advanced, toy guns have evolved to offer a variety of options to suit a variety of interests and preferences. In this article, we’ll look at a few different types of toy guns. Then come and see with me!

Air cocking

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This is a toy gun with a mechanism that compresses air inside the gun by manually operating (cocking) the slide or the bottom of the gun, and uses that pressure to eject a bullet.

Basically, the slide and bottom must be retracted each time a shot is fired, so continuous firing is not possible.

In handguns, the prices are very cheap for those made by major toy gun manufacturers, and they are all inexpensive and easy to obtain.

In rifles, bolt-action rifles and other rifles are mainly commercialized with this mechanism. However, unlike handguns, rifles are inexpensive, costing around 13dollars, with higher prices sometimes even higher. However, all rifles are expensive, so please assume that air-cocking rifles are still inexpensive.

I think that many of them are rather well made in appearance. The engraving is well done and the use of resin makes it look a bit toy-like, but unless you want to faithfully depict it in your drawings or novels, I think this is a sufficient line of rifles.


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This toy gun uses a motor to perform cocking automatically, enabling full-automatic firing and continuous firing.

It can shoot as much as you want by recharging the battery, so it is recommended for those who want to disperse bullets. If you don’t shoot, you don’t need a battery charger, and the cost is low.

Many of them use metal parts in various parts and have a texture closer to that of a real gun than air-cocking guns. However, since they are battery-powered, there is nothing that can be done about it, but they often have wiring and other parts running through them, which is a little disappointing.

When disassembled, the motor and other parts are jammed inside the gun, so the gun looks like a toy when it is disassembled.


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This toy gun does not use manual cocking or a motor, but instead uses gas pressure to propel the projectile.

Many of these toy guns have an appearance similar to a real gun, or even closer to a real gun. The inside is also rather similar to a real gun (but not exactly the same), so when disassembling it, you can feel as if you are disassembling a real gun.

Prices start at around 10,000 for a pistol, and you should be prepared to pay 50,000 or more for a rifle.

Since they are powered by gas, you will have to pay for the purchase of a dedicated gas can (I think most of them are within7 or 8 dollars for one can), so the cost will be higher than the cost of recharging an electric motor.

If you are going to use it in a game, the cost of purchasing gas may be an issue, but if you are just going to shoot it for reference, you can probably shoot both pistols and rifles reasonably well with a single can.

Most pistols and rifles have a gas tank in the magazine, and rifles have a gas tank in the grip and various places in the magazine, so they are a little heavy. Also, because of this, the size of a toy gun may differ from that of a real gun, but this is an unavoidable part of a toy gun and applies to all toy guns, not just gas guns, so let’s give up on this.

The above three toy guns have a mechanism to fire BB bullets and are, for better or worse, game-use toy guns. Some toy guns are made specifically for game use and do not resemble real guns in appearance or materials, so they are not very attractive to use as reference materials for appearance.

The solution to such problems is called a model gun.

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Model guns are toy guns that are made to resemble real guns and are particularly suitable for use as reference materials.

They do not have a mechanism to fire bullets, but they can ignite gunpowder and make a sound. Naturally, it also discharges shells. However, there are two types of guns: ignition and non-firing, and non-firing guns cannot do this, so please check the product carefully before purchasing (non-firing guns are more similar to real guns is construction).

The firing function is a good thing, but the internal structure is also very similar to that of a real gun. However, model guns cannot shoot bullets, so the magazine can be loaded with bullets that imitate real bullets, and if the slide or bottom of the gun is pulled, the bullets are loaded into the chamber and can be discharged. This alone shows that the model gun stands out in terms of realism.

However, there are many problems when making a model gun exactly like a real gun, so some parts of the gun are inevitably modified. However, even including this, I would still recommend model guns, whether pictured or in a novel, as a source of information.

Lastly, there is the real gun without moving parts. This is a real gun that has been modified so that it cannot fire bullets. The screening process is quite strict, and some of them don’t have many movable parts or something.

In terms of realism of appearance, they are a cut above the rest, but they have fewer moving parts than model guns and are more like ornamental items.

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There are also toy guns with live carts, which are gas or electric guns that can be loaded with bullets that imitate real bullets, even if they are not model guns. These guns are a little more expensive and tend to be out of stock when sold by mail order.

However, the lineup of shotguns and assault rifles is more interesting than that of model guns.

Also, some revolver gas guns have a specification that the ammunition sticks to the cylinder and cannot be removed, so you need to look carefully when buying a revolver gas gun as a reference. Some revolvers that can be removed are carefully labeled as the aforementioned live cart type, so please use that as a guide.

Also, one of the things that can’t be helped is the engraving. Due to adult circumstances, it is difficult to reproduce the engraving as on the actual gun, and most toy guns are engraved in a similar manner or are done in such a way. It is better to search for images of real guns. This is especially important for people who draw pictures.

Please be careful about the position of the engraving, as there are places where only toy guns are engraved, but not real guns.

Model guns and gas guns are suitable for documentation, while electric guns and air-cocking guns are suitable to keep the price down. However, not all guns are commercialized, so there may be cases where you have no choice but to buy an electric gun because it is available in an electric version but not in a gas gun. In the beginning, I think it is better to go for domestic makers. There are a lot of guns from overseas manufacturers, but the manuals are simplified and sometimes broken easily, so I think it is better to get used to it after you have some familiarity with it.

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