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In 5 Minutes: Choosing the Ideal LEGO Blocks for Your Child

Many parents in the choice of toys for children, will think of Lego, after all, Lego this creative toy can give children unlimited imagination, but also to develop children’s hands. But if you have not played with Lego before, see the long line of Lego suddenly have a silly feeling, want to buy a few boxes for children to play, but do not know how to start.

In fact, for children of different ages, the appropriate LEGO is different, this article from a variety of perspectives to analyze the appropriate LEGO for children of different ages, interests and hobbies.

The following guide is very long, although it can’t talk about a complete list of LEGO toys, but it also introduces many series of LEGO blocks, which almost covers most of the people usually involved. If you are struggling with how to choose Legos, just follow me!

Preschoolers: “Depot Building Blocks” Series

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DUPLO blocks (DUPLO) is one of the LEGO product line, is designed for preschool children’s products, this product is suitable for children between the ages of 1 and 5 years old, the biggest feature is that the block particles are larger, more suitable for children to play.
After all, ordinary blocks are relatively small, and if children put them in their mouths and accidentally eat them, it will be a headache. Moreover, the product design will be different for different stages of children’s development.
For example, these LEGO blocks can be stacked out of the simplest car, so that children have a concept of the car; can be stacked out of simple small things; there are even blocks with different expressions, so that children can initially recognize the “emotions” for what it is.

Kindergarten Children: “JUNIORS” Series

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If the children have come to the age near the kindergarten, already will not take the blocks as food to eat, the hands are also suitable for grasping smaller pieces of blocks, for more fine movements, then parents can try to buy small pieces of building products, and these products are basically the largest LEGO products.
Among the products designed by LEGO, there is a product line called JUNIORS series, and the biggest feature of this product line is the use of one-piece parts, for example: one-piece car chassis, one-piece walls, and one-piece baseboards. Compared to other series, JUNIORS is less difficult to build.
What’s more, the JUNIORS series covers a wide range of themes, including the usual city series, castle series, and best friend series, but there are also some that are specially co-branded with famous cartoons and movies, such as the superhero series, Frozen, Cars, etc.

Let’s Start with a Variety of Themes!

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Of course, even a new mom or dad should know that LEGO has an explosion of different themed sets with a wide array of products, and basically, these are pretty much the best products to buy for kids.

As you can see, LEGO blocks can be subdivided into different series, and the name of each series is written directly on the top left of the outer box, so I will briefly introduce a few of them to you, as well as their corresponding features.
What you can notice is that under each series, there will be different sizes of products, some of them are just simple dolls + small accessories, some of them can be put together into a vehicle, and some of them are even a building of quite a small set of game scenes.

LEGO City: The best series for beginners!

For those who are new to LEGO, whether they are parents or children, the “City Series” is definitely the most suitable for beginners. This series is based on real-life experience, transforming figures, vehicles, or buildings into LEGO models, with moderate stacking difficulty, suitable for kindergarten to elementary school levels.

And more importantly, these box sets come with a variety of beautiful dolls, quite a story, the house design also uses the so-called “dollhouse” type design, that is, the back of the house are empty, easy for children to play. The design of some of the vehicles is very close to the reality.

LEGO Creator: A set that can be disassembled and put together into different models.

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The Creator series emphasizes slightly more special block building techniques, reducing the use of one-piece parts. Of course, the assembly difficulty is moderate for children, but you’ll see more emphasis on building a special animal, transportation, robots, houses, and other things.

 LEGO Ninjago: Collect those active figures from the anime, as well as their carriers, right?

Over the years, in addition to building block products, LEGO has also been developing its film and television entertainment, the most famous of which is the animation LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjutsu, which aired on TV from 2011 to the present day. The story revolves around a fictional oriental world, where a group of highly skilled “Spin Ninjas” have to face different bad guys or magical creatures in order to defend the world.

The Lego Batman Movie

I’m sure parents have noticed that around New Year’s 2017, there was a movie featuring a LEGO figure version of Batman, the second in another series of movies that LEGO has been working on (the first being the much older LEGO Play Movie), which was a lighthearted version of the Batman movies made in collaboration with Warner, erasing the darker elements of the Batman movies and instead taking a mocking tone to the Batman movies. mocking tone to Warner’s superhero stories of recent years.
In fact, this movie series is technically designed to be more of an adult audience. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that the animation has a lot of inappropriate moments for kids, not at all, the whole movie is definitely suitable for the whole family. It’s just that there are a lot more “moments” in the movie that are more likely to get a laugh out of the adults, even the ones who really know their Batman or superheroes.

But in the toy part, there is no need to think too much, each is very suitable for playing with children.

LEGO Friends: Your children, closer to the five protagonists who?

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The content presented in this product line is basically the same as the “City Series”, but with more detailed background stories and characters, and this series is designed for little girls.
Although the positioning is closer to the products for girls, it is not the traditional pink color system, playing with dolls to dress up the kind of products, the good friend series can use the blocks to form a variety of game scenes set, transportation, etc., so the product is more neutral. The building will adopt the same “dollhouse-style” building, that is, the back is open, so that children can easily put the dolls into the game.

However, the dolls used in the Good Friends series are not ordinary dolls, but “Mini-Dolls” dolls, which are somewhat similar to dolls in shape.

Another feature of this product is the setting of five girls with different personalities and interests, some of whom love to study science, some of whom love to sing and perform, some of whom love sports, some of whom love to create art, some of whom love to tailor, and some of whom love to explore in nature. With five different characters, children can begin to explore their own interests and see which of the five girls they are closer to.

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